Brown Williams was conceived as a new style of journal inspired by game theory, Oulipo (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle) and the desire to unite Glasgow’s artistic community. The journal is dedicated to unifying the work of many into a single, multifaceted piece of writing in which the driving force is co-authorship and influence and the writers respond directly to one another’s words.

In Triangle, forty-one authors collaborated to produce one work of forty linked pieces.

Oulipian constraints and the game of Chinese Whispers were the starting points for selecting a geometric structure for the collaboration. This first volume is based on the triangle. Visually, the structure of the journal is as below:


1              2              3

1    2    3            1   2   3            1   2   3

123  123  123     123  123  123     123  123  123

We co-wrote the first poem, which we sent to three writers, who each wrote a piece inspired by ours. Their three pieces were sent to three groups of three writers and their nine pieces went to nine groups of three. All works were passed on anonymously and, although the writers were responding only to the piece immediately before them, we are delighted that echoes from the first piece are in evidence throughout.

To expand across disciplines we invited music students from the Scottish Music degree at Glasgow’s Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama to produce original compositions and graphic design students from the Glasgow Metropolitan College to create one-off artist’s book editions of Triangle. Fourteen composers responded to the words with music, and five different designers took up the challenge to create a unique look for the print journal.

Triangle also appears in print in TYPE Review in April 2009. In our editorial note we encourage readers to cut out the pages and experiment with laying the Triangle order out as it had been written, then mixing that order up so that the reader experiences the text in new ways and becomes a new part of the creative process.

We hope that this website will enable a wider audience to follow the threads and experiment with the order of the pieces in a different media.

Please note that while most of the texts are presented in the Triangle house style, a few of the writers have composed texts whose formatting is integral to the work. We have made every effort to respect the writers’ wishes in these cases and have included PDF versions of these texts when necessary to present the work in as readable an online format as possible. If you have any trouble accessing these texts, please contact us for assistance.

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright for all poems remains with the authors. The authors have asserted their rights under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988, to be identified as authors of this work. (c) 2009

Published by Brown Williams Journal.

Elinor Brown & JL Williams

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