20 June 2007, RE: RE: long time no see?!?!? 2:54am


HIya Doll,


Wheres all the chatter dear? its been a while. so annoying with you being down there with all the mancs… I’LL SEE YOU IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!! i havent heard from yuo in the last week or so (nine days… whos counting?) but i know youre busy and all so that’s fine. works fine for me and all blah blah blah… so this is maybe weird but like i had this dream and d’you remember when we were 13 sitting in a church pew and you were smearing sparkly pink lip gloss all over yourself as 13 year old girls uninitiated to the womanly ways of make up do and you caught me like staring at your lips and i turned all red? it was the spring and our parents made us go to those youth choir rehearsals, remember? ok so now like remember our wedding day, obviously you do, right but like this is cheasy right but like when you said ‘I do’ i was watching your lips right like and, like, i dunno it’s late but i was watching your lips and i just thought i’ve seen you grow up right we GREWW UP together right and if you wanna make this work i can make this work. i can, i mean it. we’ve only paid the retainer fee for the lawyer right and we could prolly get that back since we haven’t started the meetings yet so i dunno, it’s just we dont need it cuz we love each other, right? what’s a legal separation anyway right? RIGHT!?!?!? OF COURSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW I FEEL ABOUT YUO CUZ YOU H


20 June 2007, RE: RE: RE: long time no see?!?!? 2:56am




Would you please delete the previous email? I am terribly sorry I was just thinking aloud, I did not mean to click send, the cat jumped up on the desk. I’ll see you at the lawyer’s office in two weeks. Apologies. J



Daniel Potter

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