I DON’T BELIEVE YOU   I know a fish when I see a fish and you gasp just like a fish I have seen in an aquarium on a road past a long beach which looks out at ferries to Norway. I have heard your svelte throat gurgle bullshit amongst sobs and glug cheap red wine. I have seen death it is not theatre. I have seen death it is not fitting. I have seen death it never comes from love. I have seen death and your glowing bones are romanticised waste. I have seen long faced girls with sequined eye-sockets imagine their virginity a subtle dance of veils and silk underwear. I have seen cocks covered in brown blood or shit because the easily led are ruled by the moon and our destinies guided by stars. I have noted ruin of belief and hope of deceit. I have got drunk on sherry glasses of semen and the pure as hell dislike of nothing. There are cities which I have never heard of; but I have done things you would gag on.



Tom Coles

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