You can travel in such a circle that you come around back up behind someone from where you left. I know this is true because every time I roll over in bed to try and sleep my elbow sinks in somewhere between your lungs where you’ve backed up into me thinking I was out of the picture. I could walk backwards and bump into you every day of my life.

You should not go on thinking that you can do these things and get away with them. Making someone scream and knowing the words in their head and then being surprised when they turn on you.

This is something I would like to do is to kill you for knowing all these things I try to keep as secrets, the only thing to do, if you don’t know it I’ll tell you, something I’d really like to do, a thing I would enjoy like a fan on a hot day.

There are two of us and one of us can win at this. (If you forget this, I can remind you.) Maybe other people can but I can’t tell which one is winning, you with your advantage of surprise or me with my arm planted down the centre of your chest feeling your heartbeat nudging the dent of my bent elbow.



Micaela Maftei

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