Congratulations! An account has been reserved for you. All account content such as messages has been cleared. We temporarily deactivated your account because you had not signed in in the last 120 days. All messages have been deleted. Click here to reactivate your account. Click here to ever forgive me for losing all our emails. How could 120 days go by without me going back to read them. Why would they congratulate me for it. Like mum, congratulating me on a new haircut, as if she didn’t know I do that kind of thing when things get so muddled up it’s difficult to breathe. I don’t own a hard copy. I don’t own any of it. We did promise to meet again, though, for coffee. Sticky, sparkly lip gloss. But at least back then I wore make up. And you clicked send not meaning to. But this does not mean anything. There’s no hard copy of it, ergo it does not exist. C sharp minor, ergo G major. But not in four by four because that’s boring. I don’t remember that day at the church at all. I have forgotten so much. I have forgotten, ergo it does not exist. Click here to reactivate your account. I accept the terms and conditions. Free subscription. Clutter in your inbox for free. Pigeons gather on my balcony, flutter feathers and coo contemptuously as I type my password again. Maybe it’s all a mistake. Maybe they didn’t delete all of it. They. Maybe there is still some of it left somewhere. Maybe I can complain to someone, write a letter. They were playing Liszt’s bagatelle sans tonalitĂ© on Radio 3 at work today. Or at least I think that’s what they said. Which is odd because I was just thinking about it earlier this morning. Maybe I was having a dream about you. How you went on about it and I nodded without really trying to understand. Now we’ve created your account, choose how you want to do email. And of course I don’t know how you feel, or how you felt even, because there is no hard copy of it, ergo it does not exist. It is lonely and uncomfortable, as opposed to just lonely. A powerful new way to interact with your email. Give me the full. Deleted items. Delete for ever. Get the most from–

Jennifer Adcock

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