Dressing-Up Box

Put it back beneath the bed
But, Mum, I want to wear it
Not today. Just do as I said
But I want to wear it, pleeease
Vest — arms up, over your head
Why can I not wear this to the party?
It’s not that kind of party, Fred
I’m not Fred, I’m Mr. Spock
Vest, NOW, you heard what I said
But I want to wear my Spock top…
What did I tell you? No I said!
But it’s a party…
It’s not a party, Freddy, it’s a
wake. A WAKE! Your father’s dead!

Now, will you just put that back
beneath the bed?!
…for Mummy, please? Wear this

It’s your favourite colour, look, red…

Kate Tough

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