Brown Williams Journal

August 21, 2012

Brown Williams is a journal dedicated to unifying the work of many into a single, multifaceted piece of writing.  In Volume I: Triangle, forty-one authors have collaborated to produce one work of forty linked pieces.

Brown Williams was conceived as a new style of journal inspired by game theory and Oulipo, and the desire to unite an artistic community.  Through a number of specially selected models such as ‘Triangle’ or ‘Dominoes’, writers respond directly to one another’s words.  To expand across disciplines we have invited musicians to compose works based on written pieces of their choice and graphic designers to create one-off artist’s book editions of Triangle.

The journal was launched on 29th of May, 2009 at the Kibble Palace in the Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens.  The launch included performances by the composers, premiering new works inspired by individual pieces from the journal,  and readings by a selection of Triangle authors and a display of the livres d’artistes inspired by the journal.

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